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This brand new program (winter 2020) is being launched after members of our community reached out and asked if there were any students who didn't have access to lessons due to cost. It gives an opportunity to further unify us in a time of uncertainty by allowing  a sponsor to pay for a student who otherwise would not be able to access private music lessons.  

"We rise by lifting others"

How it works: 


  1. $80-$100/month pays for one student to access one on one music lessons either in person or online. Commitment to the program is required for one semester which is 4 months (fall/winter) or 5 months (winter/spring). Payments are made the first week of every month. **If no additional equipment is required the cost is $80. However,  if the student requires a keyboard rental there is an additional $20 monthly rental cost to provide one for them at home*

  2. Once paired up with a student you would sign a contract indicating your consent and understanding of the payment schedule. 

  3. At the end of the semester you would be invited to attend the group recital where you have the choice to connect with the recipient of your sponsorship. 

  4. If at any point during the semester the student exits out of the program, you would have the option to cease payments OR a new contract would be signed with the next student on the waiting list for the remainder of the semester.


  1. Once your name comes up as next on the wait list, you would be contacted and paired up with a sponsor who would cover 100% of your lesson costs for one semester (fall/winter 4 months & winter/spring 5 months)

  2. Once paired up, you would sign a contract showing your understanding that you would be required to attend one weekly lesson and practise at home throughout the week *if a keyboard is required, one will be provided for you

  3. At the end of the semester you would have the choice to meet with the donor of your sponsorship at the group recital. The recital is an amazing opportunity to share your hard work and progress with those you love and other students who understand first hand the gravity of your dedication. 

"A persons most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen, and a hand willing to help others" 


"Lisette is an incredibly talented and creative artist. But more importantly, she believes that anyone can tap into their creativity and develop that gift. That's why its so inspiring to see her teach my kids how to be free, how to be themselves, and how to let their creativity come out with their voice and their piano creations. My kids love Lisette because she celebrates them no matter what they do. Her way of teaching is fun and exciting. And she's the best piano/voice teacher they've ever had."

"Lisette goes above and beyond to

guide young hearts and voices.

She shares her love and passion

for music by becoming personally

involved in the creative process.

Using mind mapping and guided

questioning techniques in such an

intelligent and holistic way. Lisette

takes a very well rounded approach

meeting the student where they

are at and encouraging full and

honest self expression. She is a

very patient, kind and supportive


-The Flood Family

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